Saturday, December 26, 2015

The Trump Effect (Part 2)

Note: Part one of this post can be found here

Setting the National Agenda

Trump's genius strategy of constantly pushing the limits of political correctness has allowed him to dictate America's political agenda in ways that no other Republican politician could ever dream of.

Prior to the emergence of the Trump phenomenon, the "progressive" liberals within the controlled mainstream media had maintained complete control over the prevailing political narrative in America. 

These disingenuous and dishonest liars, by means of a sustained blitzkrieg of agitprop, pushed a number of false narratives intended to present the public with a distorted caricature of American society, reflective of their radical "progressive" perspective.

They constructed narratives such as the "war on women", rampant white-on-black crime, uncontrolled police brutality against minorities, and a host of other falsehoods that are out of touch with reality.

Opposition to abortions-on-demand and the Hussein administration's insistence that religious organizations provide birth control to women, despite their objections on religious grounds, constituted a "war on women".

White racism and violence against black Americans was presented as widespread and systemic, despite Department of Justice statistics that portray a much different reality: blacks are the attackers in 84.9% of violent crimes involving blacks and whites.         

Police brutality against black Americans was also presented as widespread and systemic, while in reality, more white Americans are killed by police officers than black Americans, even though their crime rates are significantly lower. 

This false narrative resulted in the emergence of the racist "Black Lives Matter" movement, which is nothing more than a radical activist arm of the Democrat Party. 

As you can see, the controlled media had constructed a false reality, in the service of their "progressive ideology", which convinced a large number of useful idiots throughout America to embrace this artificially constructed reality as authentic. 

Then, along came Trump, and everything changed. 

Instead of relentlessly pushing their host of false narratives, the mainstream media was now forced to devote most of their energy on attacking Trump's positions, presenting his statements as "extreme", "radical", and "fringe".

Their intent was to discredit Trump and preserve their monopoly on public opinion, which was contingent upon the perpetuation of strict codes of political correctness, which ensured that opinions that deviated from Progressive/Cultural Marxist ideology were completely marginalized.

Unfortunately for them, their desperate attempts to protect their ideology and the predominance of their politically correct dogma backfired on them.

Instead of destroying Trump's reputation and relegating his opinions to the fringes of American society, the controlled liberal media allowed Trump to not only set, but take control of the political narrative in America.

By broadcasting Trump's politically incorrect message far and wide, they basically created the Trump Movement and, thanks to the monster ratings he brought the networks, they continued to give Trump a huge platform to destroy their false narratives. 

You see, unlike Ron Paul, Trump's celebrity status meant that, no matter what, millions and millions of Americans were going to be exposed to his message.

Therefore, the controlled media couldn't simply give Trump the "Ron Paul Treatment" and ignore him. 

They were forced to counter Trump's narrative and attempt to convince the American public that Trump's message was "racist", "xenophobic", "Islamophobic", "sexist", and a host of other -isms and phobias that the radical left uses as tools to silence genuine political debate.

As a result, America's political narrative began to revolve around a host of politically incorrect issues that Trump had brought to light.

In effect, Trump had placed the mainstream media on the defensive, forcing them to take a reactionary approach to his "controversial" pronouncements. 

Prime evidence of Trump's domination of America's political agenda include: 

1) The debate over illegal immigration and the massive wave of violent crime committed by illegal immigrants against American citizens. 

As a consequence of Trump bringing these issues to light, the House of Representatives introduced Kate's Law, which increased the penalties applicable to illegal aliens Democrats who unlawfully reenter the United States after being removed. 

Naturally, Senate Democrats blocked the passage of Kate's Law, which President Obama had vowed to veto anyhow.

As Trump has repeatedly stated, if it wasn't for his bold statements, nobody would even be talking about the issue of illegal immigration in the United States, because America's liberal PC overlords had previously deemed it "racist" and "xenophobic" to oppose mass immigration, whether legal or illegal.

Furthermore, Trump launched a national debate on Sanctuary Cities, which allow illegal immigrants, regardless of whether or not they are convicted felons, to avoid deportation at the hands of federal immigration authorities.                    

2) The debate over the resettlement of Syrian "refugees" within the United States. 

Trump announced that accepting Muslim refugees into America, at the same time we are fighting a war against radical Islamic jihadists, was a threat to national security and the safety of American citizens. 

He also announced that, if he became president, every single Syrian refugee accepted by the Obama administration would be sent back to Syria, where he would establish safe zones for displaced Syrians. 

Trump's politically incorrect statements regarding the national security threats posed by the importation of thousands of Syrian refugees launched a spirited public debate, and prompted Republican Governors throughout the United States to announce that they would no longer be accepting refugees in their states.

Prior to the emergence of Trump, the Republican Party would have never taken such "radical" positions, and the issue of the resettlement of Muslim refugees throughout America would have never been open for discussion. 

3) The debate over the issue of Muslim immigration into the United States. 

Before Trump burst onto the scene, communities throughout America had been flooded with Muslim immigrants, to the point where Islam is now the fastest growing religion in the United States.

American citizens were never asked whether they wanted to accept into their country millions of immigrants who followed a sexist, violent, and barbaric religion. 

Once again, America's liberal PC masters had deemed this topic too "sensitive" and "controversial" for Americans to discuss.

Nevertheless, Trump brought this very important issue to light, and he started a heated political conversation in America regarding this matter.

Trump's proposal to temporarily ban Muslims from entering the United States provoked an unprecedented media firestorm, stoking liberal outrage and righteous indignation on a massive scale. 

Given the liberal propensity for group think, the leftist media apparatus figured that Trump had committed the ultimate heresy. 

They believed that he had finally crossed the line, and that their desperate wish that Trump would say something so politically incorrect that it would destroy his campaign had come true. 

The fact that Trump's support actually increased following his proposed ban on Muslim immigration shook them to their core. 

They just could not believe that so many Americans did not perceive Islam to be a "religion of peace" and did not mindlessly submit to mass Muslim immigration. 

Even the Republican establishment, including the Democrats' secret weapon Paul Ryan, denounced Trump and claimed his views did not represent the views of the party. 

These establishment pawns did not realize that they no longer spoke for the party's base, and that they had lost complete control of the party. 

So when polls revealed that 66% of likely Republican voters agreed with Trump's proposal, they were plunged into a state of shock and despair. 

And in the days following Trump's statement, Rand Paul proposed an amendment in the Senate to halt all immigration from Muslim nations with active jihadist movements, which once again demonstrated Trump's ability to influence the national agenda.


Donald Trump's impact on America's political landscape within the past six months can be described as nothing short of monumental.  

Indeed, the Trump Effect has had far-reaching implications on almost every aspect of American politics.  

By shifting the Overton Window back into a state of balance, Trump has given a voice to the voiceless, the silent majority who had previously been muzzled by the radical left's bully tactics. 

This shift in the scope of political debate has exposed the Republican establishment as willing partners in the Democrat Party's anti-American agenda, and as a consequence, Republican voters are abandoning the establishment hacks in favor of political outsiders like Trump, Cruz, and Carson. 

The liberals' monopoly on shaping public opinion has been smashed, as their primary mechanism of control, political correctness, has collapsed. 

For unlike the ruling elite, who believe the American public is not mature and/or intelligent enough to discuss certain issues they deem to be "sensitive" or potentially "offensive", Trump has actually encouraged Americans to engage in adult conversations on issues which profoundly influence our prosperity, security, and well-being.

Trump has also revealed the fact that American politicians are controlled by Super PACS, special interest groups, lobbyists, etc., a fact that became even more apparent following the passage Paul Ryan's omnibus bill, which was nothing more than a Christmas gift to the aforementioned sinister forces who control America's political process. 

Consequently, the American populace is more conscious than ever before about the corrupt, undemocratic state of American politics

Patriotic Americans will no longer remain silent and compliant as our nation is stolen from us, and we now have a leader who will stand by our side in opposition to the "fundamental transformation" of our society and the values America was founded upon.

Mr. Trump is a bona fide revolutionary, and he has sparked a movement comprised of patriots, veterans, and masses of concerned Americans who are determined to create revolutionary changes within this nation, to make the country great again. 

And regardless of whether or not Trump becomes president, his impact on American politics is certain to be long-lasting, which will act as a thorn in the side of all those who are attempting to undermine our values, culture, and traditions.  


Tuesday, December 22, 2015

The Trump Effect (Part 1)

Nobody in recent memory has impacted American politics as significantly as Donald Trump has in such a short period of time. 

From destroying the Democrats' totalitarian system of political correctness to destroying the corrupt GOP establishment wing, Trump has single-handedly altered America's political landscape on a gargantuan scale. 

Love him or hate him, it cannot be argued that the scale and scope of Trump's influence on American politics has been both remarkable and historic.

I consider Trump's influence (The Trump Effect) to be especially remarkable because he is not even a politician. 

He has never held elected office and, moreover, the primary season hasn't even begun. No votes have been cast.

Nevertheless, Trump is setting both the national agenda and the Republican Party's agenda. 

He has also thrown the Democrats and their mouthpieces within the controlled mainstream media into a panicked, frenzied state of delirium and hysteria. 

They simply cannot believe that they have been unable to destroy the Trump campaign, even with the assistance of their loyal allies within the corrupt, corporate-owned GOP establishment.

And I will restate a point I have already made on numerous occasions: the entire game has changed

Trump has opened Pandora's Box, and American politics will never be the same. 

The era of total political correctness is over. 

The days of the "uniparty", the unholy alliance between the Democrat Party and the Democrat-lite Party (the destroyed GOP establishment) are gone. 

The political playing field has been leveled, and Republicans are now free to fight fire with fire, rather than cowering and catering to every demand made by the Alinksy Democrats.

The radical left in America now has to contend with a true right-wing opposition, as opposed to the cowardly appeasers and politically correct GOP establishment they have bullied for decades.

And unlike the radical left throughout Europe, who are both willing and capable of countering the Nationalist right on the streets, America's radical left completely understands that they will be crushed by the Trump Movement if they ever dare to incite violence against them.

In short, the radical activist wing of the Democrat Party, which has been waging unopposed political warfare against the Republican Party (and traditional American society) since the 1960s, is now faced with an equally determined and militant right-wing resistance.

And none of this would have been made possible without the emergence of Donald Trump, the first Republican leader in decades with a backbone.

Destroying Political Correctness

The revolutionary anti-American counterculture of the 1960s, which gave rise to the militant "New Left", swiftly implemented strict speech codes (political correctness) throughout college campuses nationwide.

Over time, as America's Marxist-infiltrated universities released their thoroughly indoctrinated "useful idiots" into the workplace, political correctness began to permeate almost every aspect of American life.

And although millions and millions of Americans had already become sick and tired of America's PC culture long before Trump burst onto the scene, they were forced to remain silent and acquiesce to the speech codes imposed on them by their PC overlords.

Simply put, no Republican politician for decades possessed the guts to take on the PC police and their attack dogs within the mainstream media, Hollywood, college campuses, etc. 

Trump's presidential announcement speech on June 6 changed everything.  

In the blink of an eye, the era of almost five decades of extreme political correctness was shattered. 

By bringing to light the fact that scores of criminals were illegally entering the United States from Mexico, and by stating that a wall must be constructed along the border to ensure that the American government could identify all persons entering the country, Trump had blatantly broken the laws of political correctness.         

Most importantly, in the face of universal condemnation and a massive media campaign designed to discredit him, Trump refused to apologize for his statements and doubled down on his "radical" statements.  

At that point, the silent majority had been given the signal that they were now free to express their opinions, regardless of whether or not politically correct leftists approved of them or not.   

As a result, Mr. Trump almost immediately jumped to the top of national polls, and has remained there ever since. 

And although Trump played a pivotal role in destroying political correctness, it is important to note that Trump did not accomplish this tremendous feat all on his own. 

Indeed, without the support of the people, Trump would have been marginalized, discredited, and relegated to the fringes of American politics.

But much to the chagrin of the PC gatekeepers, Trump's politically incorrect rhetoric resonated with a large portion of the Republican base, which gave Trump a platform to continue waging war against other PC narratives, including the issue of Islam in America.

Thanks to Trump, Americans who do not agree with the Democrats' "progressive" anti-American agenda are no longer forced to remain silent. 

Political correctness is officially dead in America, and its practice will now be restricted to the left-wing echo chamber, where they can babble on about "safe spaces", "microaggressions", and "trigger warnings" amongst themselves.

Destroying the Republican Establishment

The establishment wing of the Republican Party, home to crypto-liberals such as John McCain, Paul Ryan, and John Boehner, is aligned with the Democrat Party against Donald Trump.

These establishment hacks promise the Republican base every election cycle that they will oppose President Obama's radical agenda and advance conservative positions on illegal immigration, spending, excessive taxation, and so on.

But time and time again, the GOP establishment has catered to Obama's every whim. 

Instead of repealing and replacing Obamacare, they allocate taxpayer dollars to fund the program. Instead of fighting Obama's executive amnesty, they allocate taxpayer funds for its implementation. And instead of securing the border to stem illegal immigration, they fund Obama's plan to resettle illegal immigrants (and refugees) throughout American communities nationwide.    

For years on end, Republican voters have believed their lies. They honestly believed that the Republican establishment would keep their promises and represent their interests, rather than the corporate interests and lobbyists who fund their campaigns.

But following the 2014 midterm elections, which gave Republicans control of both houses of Congress, Republican voters finally came to the realization that the establishment wing of their party were nothing more than liars, swindlers, and willful collaborators with President Obama and the treasonous Democrats. 

Astonishingly, even after all of their broken campaign promises, the establishment was so out of touch with their base that they actually believed that their golden boy, Jeb Bush, would win the Republican nomination ahead of the 2016 presidential election.

They were unaware that a fervent anti-establishment sentiment had spread throughout the Republican base, and they have paid dearly for overlooking the dramatic shift that has taken place within the party. 

On the contrary, Donald Trump had clearly identified the anti-establishment mood, and he catered his message in a way that clearly differentiated himself from the establishment candidates. 

As a result, Trump's campaign took off like a rocket, while establishment candidates such as Rick Perry, Jeb Bush, and Scott Walker failed to pick up any sustained momentum in the polls. 

Moreover, other anti-establishment candidates, namely Ted Cruz and Ben Carson, quickly surpassed the establishment candidates in the polls.

Current polling data reveals that Trump, Carson, and Cruz combine to receive the support of 61.6% of Republican voters. If party outsiders Carly Fiorina and Rand Paul are included, this number rises to 66.4%.

In effect, 2/3 of Republicans now support anti-establishment candidates. 

In other words, the Republican establishment is in a state of total collapse, and barring a miracle, will probably descend into a state of irrelevancy.

In a statement following his announcement to drop out of the race, establishment hack Lindsay Graham actually admitted that the establishment wing of the party has collapsed. Graham stated:
"What's happened here is sort of my lane of the party has collapsed."      
Graham chose to refer to his wing of the party as the "moderate" wing, but a more accurate description would be the "progressive" wing. 

Any way you look at it, Donald Trump's anti-establishment insurgency has proven to be the death knell of the Republican establishment. 

The Republican Party is now more conservative, more tenacious, and more willing to challenge the radical policies of the Democrat Party.

And as Mr. Trump has remarked, the 2016 GOP race will likely come down to himself and Ted Cruz

Given the fact that Cruz has already stated that, if he wins the presidency, Trump will be be given a prominent role within his administration, Trump will remain a prominent force within the Republican Party even if he does not win the party's nomination.

Cruz has stated that Trump would be brought in to his administration to negotiate trade deals and implement the construction of a wall along America's southern border with Mexico. 

As you can see, Cruz and Trump have basically created an alliance to marginalize the establishment wing of the party. 

They are now the face of the GOP, the new GOP, and there is nothing that the establishment and their liberal pals can do about it.    


Monday, December 21, 2015

Donald Trump and the Rise of American Nationalism

Due to America's status as an international superpower, with interests stretching from Europe to the Far East, American politicians and policy makers tend to emphasize foreign affairs, while domestic affairs take a back seat.

Year after year, Americans are constantly inundated with "urgent" political crises developing overseas.

Whether it is Ukraine, Iran, Iraq, Syria, or China, countries that many Americans could not locate on a map, it seems as if America's global interests often overshadow pressing domestic issues which impact the daily lives of American citizens. 

Politicians and political pundits in the mainstream media constantly agitate for American resources and manpower to be deployed overseas, whether its arming "moderate" rebels in Syria or sending billions of dollars in foreign aid to nations throughout the world.

Meanwhile, back at home, American infrastructure is rapidly decaying, over 45 million Americans depend on food stamps to survive, hundreds of thousands of war veterans die on VA waiting lists, and the national debt is rapidly approaching $20 trillion. 

But despite the critical domestic issues threatening America's future, the American government continues to spend tens of billions of taxpayer dollars each year in foreign aid.

In fact, $35 billion was spent on foreign aid in 2014, including:
  • $3.1 billion distributed to Israel, despite the fact that Israel is a wealthy nation with a much lower debt-to-GDP level than the United States
Indeed, it appears that America's leaders, both Republican and Democrat, have been so focused on pursuing geopolitical objectives that they have forgotten the fact that charity begins at home.

Wouldn't it be more useful to fix America's problems, to take care of American citizens, before worrying about the interests of foreign nations?

Instead of spending billions of dollars on training and arming "moderate" Muslim rebels, wouldn't it be better to allocate those resources to the VA, to ensure that no American war veteran ever again dies while waiting to see a doctor?

These are the types of questions Americans are asking. 

We are absolutely fed up with politicians who consistently neglect the interests of American citizens, while serving the interests of the multinational corporations who fund their campaigns. 

Thankfully, one man has been listening closely to the concerns of disgruntled Americans and has pledged to put the interests of America and her citizens first and foremost.

That man is Donald Trump. 

The Rise of American Nationalism

Although the rise of Donald Trump has perplexed the mainstream media and political "experts" within both parties, Trump's mass appeal is simple to explain.

In a nutshell, America's political class has created social and economic conditions which are conducive to the rise of widespread Nationalist sentiment within the populace.

Examples of the conditions contributing to the rise of Nationalism in the United states include:
  • Millions of illegal immigrants roam the streets of "sanctuary cities", where they are shielded from deportation. These illegal immigrants are then free to compete for jobs against American workers, and many of them commit crimes against American citizens. Nevertheless, many American politicians fall over themselves to reward these illegal outsiders with amnesty and citizenship.  
  • Millions of American jobs have been lost to cheap labor overseas, while at the same time, the American government imports massive waves of immigrants each year. American workers now are forced to compete with foreigners for jobs overseas, as well as at home. This dynamic has driven down wages and pushed over 90 million Americans out of the workforce entirely. 
This environment has allowed Trump's pro-American message to spread like wildfire throughout the country, and it has managed to keep Trump at the top of National polls for months on end.

Unlike the political establishment, Trump opposes open borders and intends to build a wall along America's southern border to prevent illegal immigrants from entering the country. 

He has also pledged to deport all illegal immigrants from the country, which will restore law and order throughout America.

Furthermore, Trump has criticized trade deals with China, Japan, Mexico, and others, which disadvantage American workers and create massive trade imbalances, which add billions of dollars to America's already-enormous national debt. 

The political establishment, on the other hand, continues to lecture working-class Americans about the "benefits" of free trade, even as these free trade deals have destroyed former industrial powerhouses such as Detroit, Cleveland, and Youngstown. 

Trump has also released a comprehensive plan to reform the Veterans Affairs (VA) administration, to ensure that American veterans receive first-class job training and have access to quality health care.

This VA reform is necessary, given the fact that veterans have been neglected and mistreated under both George W. Bush and Barack Obama's disastrous administrations. Trump understands this and has stated on numerous occasions that illegal immigrants are treated better than veterans in this country.

Time and time again, the men and women of America's armed forces shed blood in foreign lands, yet are treated like pieces of garbage when they come home with missing limbs, PTSD, and a host of other physical and mental conditions stemming from exposure to warfare.

Given the current state of affairs, it is not surprising that Donald Trump's Nationalist platform has resulted in a grassroots movement of patriotic Americans who are determined to take their country back.


The Trump campaign has sparked a revolutionary wave of Nationalism throughout the United States.

Granted, fellow Republican candidates Ted Cruz and Ben Carson have also contributed to this resurgence in American Nationalism.

Recent polls reveal that 2/3 of Republicans support one of these three anti-establishment candidates.

If these anti-establishment trends prevail in 2016, and I believe they will, it will signify the "fundamental transformation" of the Republican Party.

Just as the radical Marxist "New Left" took control of the Democrat Party in the 1960s, America's Nationalist "New Right" will take control of the Republican Party. 

And just as the rise of the New Left in the 1960s coincided with the rise of the New Left in Europe, the rise of the New Right in America today is coinciding with the rise of the New Right in Europe.

Polish Nationalists (Source)

Europe's New Right is primarily focused on border security, ending mass third-world immigration, and protecting the cultural and national identity of their nations.

They are opposed to multiculturalism, radical Islam, and other left-wing schemes intended to undermine traditional European culture and values.

As you can see, Europe's New Right and America's New Right share many similarities, and it would behoove Trump, Cruz, and other leaders of America's New Right to forge ties with their allies in Europe.

The reason why I say this is because European Nationalists have effectively destroyed the Socialist left in a number of countries, and are steadily dismantling them in many others. 

Americans can learn a lot about defeating the radical left from European Nationalists, who have been dealing with Communists, Marxists, and other radical left-wing radicals for over a century. 

By sharing ideas and strategies for defeating the left and gaining political power, along with fostering cooperative relationships, 
I believe that American and European Nationalists will be able to rapidly achieve their objectives.

Either way, it is clear to see that Donald Trump has lit the flames of Nationalism in America.

He has empowered American patriots to take all steps necessary to destroy the radical left, which seeks to "fundamentally transform" the United States and import foreigners to replace us in our own country.

As Pat Caddell has stated, America is closer to revolution than ever before

And it appears that Mr. Caddell has drawn the same conclusions as many within the Trump Movement: 
"The strength of this country comes from its people and it has a political system that is run, now, to the exclusion of its people … you have three quarters of the American people saying the government in Washington does not rule with the consent of the governed.”
What America needs now is a strong leader who will place the interests of Americans before the interests of any others. 

In other words, America needs a Nationalist at the helm.   


Saturday, December 19, 2015

Britain's Weak, Incompetent Leader David Cameron Disses Donald Trump

Following Donald Trump's proposal to temporarily ban Muslims from entering the United States, "Progressives" and other left-wing ideologues throughout the West suffered a spontaneous meltdown. 

They were plunged into a state of shock and disbelief that such a "radical" policy would ever be proposed in the "tolerant" and "inclusive" societies that they have socially engineered throughout the West.

British Prime Minister David Cameron, leader of Britain's "Conservative" Party, decided to join his Progressive allies in their attempt to defame and discredit Mr. Trump.

In a statement made within the British parliament, Cameron pronounced:
"I think his remarks are divisive, stupid, and wrong, and if he came to visit this country he would unite us all against him."
Of course, Mr. Cameron's is entitled to his opinion, but I believe he should look in the mirror and reflect on his own actions before denouncing others for their words

Bloodshed and Destabilization in Libya

Under Cameron's command, the British government intervened in Libya's civil war, spending €320 billion in an eight-month military campaign

These actions resulted in the death, injury, and displacement of scores of Muslim civilians in Libya, not to mention the fact that the destabilization of Libya has resulted in a state of perpetual warfare between rival factions fighting for control of (what remains of) Libya. 

It is an undeniable fact that decisions taken by Cameron and his advisers have contributed to massive bloodshed in Libya, as well as a host of unintended consequences that now threaten the safety and security of all European citizens. 

You see, the power vacuum created by Gadaffi's ouster in Libya allowed ISIS to gain a foothold in the region, and the terrorist organization has announced their intention to cement their control of Libya, then cross the Mediterranean into European territory disguised as refugees

ISIS has also announced that they will send 500,000 "migrants" to Europe from Libya as a "psychological weapon".

Furthermore, Libya's unrecognized Islamist government has also threatened to flood Europe with hundreds of thousands of African "migrants" unless the European Union officially recognizes their government. 

Basically, the Cameron administration's actions in Libya, in concert with a host of other Western governments, has allowed radical Islamic organizations to gain power and influence within Libya,  organizations which threaten to utilize "migrants" and "refugees" as a tool against the peoples and governments of Europe.

As of November, 130,000 "migrants" have entered Europe from Libya. I wonder how many of these "migrants" are actually ISIS operatives in disguise. And I wonder if any of these "migrants" have made their way to Britain. 

If any of those Libyan "migrants" did happen to reach British shores, it appears likely that Cameron's government would have no idea as to their whereabouts.

Lies and Incompetence

Recent shocking revelations have revealed that the Cameron administration cannot account for more than one million "migrants" who have come to Britain in recent years

It has also been alleged that these facts have been covered up by the government, as it was feared that revealing this information to the British public could lead to British citizens voting to break away from the European Union. How treacherous is that!    

Moreover, the UK Home Office, the government organization responsible for immigration and passports, has admitted that they have "lost track" of 10,000 asylum seekers, who have disappeared since entering British territory

Shockingly, the Home Office has announced that they will not bother tracking them down, because it would be a "drain on resources". 

So let me get this straight: the Cameron administration had no problem spending €320 billion to bomb Libya and topple Gadaffi, yet they have given up tracking asylum seekers, presumably from Muslim territories, because it would be a drain on resources? 

In that case, it is apparent that the safety and security of British citizens is not one of Mr. Cameron's top priorities.

This is on top of the fact that, before assuming office, Cameron had promised to cut annual net migration levels in Britain to under 100,000. This promise was one of the main reasons Cameron got elected as Prime Minister in 2010.

Following Cameron's election as Prime Minister, he made the following statement to the British public:
"Levels of immigration can return to where they were in the 1980s and 90s. Net migration to this country will be in the order of tens of thousands each year. No ifs. No buts. That's a promise we made to the British people."
This "promise" has proven to be nothing more than a stone cold lie. 

Annual net migration levels in Britain have never dropped below 100,000 under Cameron. 

In fact, statistics released in November have revealed that net migration into Britain is actually at an all-time high, despite the fact that approximately 78% of Britons want immigration levels to be reduced, with 56.5% wanting immigrants to be 'reduced a lot'.  

Astonishingly, Cameron's government has overseen larger immigration levels that the previous Blair-Brown Labour Party administrations, which had pursued an intentional policy of mass immigration to "help socially engineer a truly multicultural country" and "rub the right's nose in diversity".

It appears that, rather than reversing the subversive left's fundamental transformation of British society, Cameron has actually intensified the destruction of Britain's traditional peoples, cultures, and the societies that they created.

Cameron has went as far as officially announcing the death of "old Britain", proclaiming:
"Britain is one of the most successful multi-racial, multi-faith, and multi-ethnic countries in the world."
Indeed, Cameron has helped to usher in the "New Britain", in which native Britons are now a minority in their capital city of London, and are in the process of being pushed out of Birmingham, Bradford, and other increasingly-Islamic colonies where British people once lived.   

It's just a damn shame that British natives had no say in this  development, and that now, thanks to the actions of Cameron and previous left-wing governments, they are now projected to become minorities in their own homeland by 2066


Given David Cameron's track record of lies and incompetence, it is shocking that he would have the gall to denounce Trump for simply proposing an immigration policy intended to keep American citizens safe. 

Just like Barack "Drone Wars" Obama, who has also bashed Trump, Cameron has Muslim blood on his hands as a result of his military intervention in Libya.

Yet these disingenuous liars have the audacity to condemn Trump for mere words, an immigration policy proposal. 

It is not Trump who has the blood of 314 civilian casualties of Obama's drone wars within Muslim nations on his hands. 

And he also does not have the blood of Libyan civilians on his hands either, unlike Mr. Cameron, who was simultaneously dropping "diversity bombs" on his own citizens at the same time he was bombing Libya.

I would suggest that Cameron (and other Western leaders) look in the mirror before bashing Donald Trump. 

They should seriously reflect on all of the innocent Muslim blood they have shed in Iraq, Libya, Syria, Afghanistan, etc. all of these years, as a result of their aggressive, interventionist foreign policy. 

This would put Trump's words in perspective, which are much less destructive and reprehensible than the actions of bloodthirsty Western leaders since 2001.

Nevertheless, Trump (who opposed the Iraq War) is certain to be subjected to a continuous barrage of attacks from those who support bloodthirsty maniacs such as Obama and Cameron, for his "horrible" crime of violating the laws of political correctness. 

I believe that the liars, scoundrels, war criminals, and traitors who currently control all Western governments viciously attack Trump for one reason: Trump cannot be controlled and, if attacked, he will not hesitate to reveal the full extent of their treachery in front of a worldwide audience

With that being said, I believe it would be prudent for David Cameron to think twice before ever again attempting to launch a verbal attack against Donald Trump. 


Thursday, December 17, 2015

The Trump Movement

Despite a relentless propaganda campaign designed to derail the Trump campaign, popular support for Trump has continued to gather momentum, and enthusiasm for a potential Trump presidency is approaching epic levels. 

Indeed, despite all of the hysteria, all of the righteous indignation, and a coordinated media meltdown following Trump's proposal to ban Muslims from entering the United States, Trump has remained at the top of a historically-crowded field of Republican candidates seeking the party's presidential nomination for 2016.

The reason for this stability at the top of the polls is the fact that Trump has an incredibly loyal army of supporters who have already made up their mind. They have already bought into the message. 

No matter what the liberals, the media, and the GOP establishment do to try to destroy Trump, Trump's loyal supporters have always had his back.

This loyal army of enthusiastic supporters constitutes a movement. Trump himself has even proclaimed that this patriotic phenomenon is not simply a campaign, and that it is, in fact, a movement. 

It is a movement that has brought together millions and millions of Americans who share a number of common goals, including:
  • Building a wall to prevent illegal immigrants from entering the country.
  • Deporting all of the illegal immigrants who have broken the law and entered our territory without permission back to their country of origin.
  • Ending the massive influx of Muslims into the country.
  • Crushing once and for all the tyrannical system of thought control known as political correctness. 
  • Placing the interests of Americans above the interests of multinational corporations, financial institutions, illegal immigrants, and other special interest groups.
  • Ensuring that America's veterans receive proper health care, especially the wounded warriors who shed blood and sacrificed limbs for this country.
  • Bringing American jobs back from Mexico, Japan, China, etc.
  • Eliminating every single member of ISIS or any other terrorist organization who are presently within our nation's borders.
  • Protecting the Second Amendment, so that Americans can defend themselves and their family from criminals.
The Trump Movement is striving to make America for Americans again, because it has become apparent that our "leaders" no longer represent the interests of American citizens. 

Rather, they serve as political prostitutes who will represent the interests of whichever special interest group finances their campaign.

But what is most treacherous is the fact that they are dispossessing us and disenfranchising us in our own country. 

Essentially, our so-called leaders are importing our replacements from overseas, "fundamentally transforming" our culture and national identity, and imposing strict speech codes intended to prevent us from discussing these pressing issues.

Thankfully, Donald Trump has come along and utterly destroyed the politically correct narrative within a matter of months. 

Therefore, we are no longer prevented from discussing "politically incorrect" issues such as illegal immigration, Muslim immigration, and the neglect and mistreatment of this nation's veterans.

Donald Trump is a strong, intelligent leader who will address these pressing issues, whether or not the solutions are politically correct or not. 

In short, The Trump Movement is not only determined to make America great again. It is a movement that is also determined to make America for the Americans again. The "noisy majority" is coming to take their country back. It's as simple as that.

Trump: "Hillary Clinton is a Disaster"

Speaking at a large rally in Mesa, AZ yesterday, Donald Trump declared that Hillary Clinton is a disaster and that she's going to be beaten in 2016.

Trump made this statement after citing Clinton's horrendous record as Secretary of State, which has resulted in absolute chaos throughout the Middle East and North Africa.

But he didn't stop there. 

Trump also insulted Clinton on her infamous "pantsuits", a harmless joke which will probably end up greatly offending the sensibilities of the PC police within the controlled media, as well as their legion of conditioned and indoctrinated PC zombies.

Next, Trump managed to diss both Clinton and his Republican rival Jeb Bush in the same breath, stating:
"Honestly, look what I did to Bush. I haven't even started on Hillary."
The way I see it, when Trump shifts his focus from his GOP opponents onto Hillary, it will only be a matter of time before Hillary's campaign ends up in the same situation as Jeb's campaign: tons of money spent, yet little to show for it.

The Trump Card

As an independent candidate who is self-funding his campaign, Trump will not hesitate to expose Hillary for any one of her multitude of scandals that she is currently trying to keep from public scrutiny.

Unlike recent presidential elections, this time around the candidates from both parties will not be working for the same team - the corporate interests, Super PACS, and other special interest groups who fund both the Republicans and the Democrats.

If Trump is the Republican nominee, which appears to be very likely at this point, Trump will be able to expose Hillary as a corrupt puppet of special interest groups, while at the same time being able to point out that he is self-funding, and that nobody can control him. 

This is the "Trump Card" that Trump can pull at any moment, and it is the reason why the left-wing media has been so vicious and relentless in their attempts to destroy the Trump campaign.

Furthermore, they realize that Trump has a huge platform in which to continuously attack her incompetence, corruption, and her status as just another career politician. 

This huge platform is a product of the huge ratings Trump brings to media outlets, as he continues to receive more coverage than just about every other candidate combined, in both the Republican and Democrat parties.  
Simply put, people want to hear what Trump has to say. And whether it's the presidential debates, political programs, or late night television appearances, millions and millions of Americans are tuning in to hear Trump's message. 

Whenever Trump decides the time is right to set his sights on Clinton, he will utilize his huge platform to inform the American people about everything Hillary and the Democrats are trying to hide from the public. 

I predict that Trump is currently preparing to launch his offensive against Clinton, based on his relatively conciliatory tone during  Tuesday's debate, his affirmation to run as a Republican, and his recent comments urging unity within the Republican party.

If the GOP establishment stops trying to destroy Trump and the Republican Party actually unites, they will be able to simultaneously launch a massive smear campaign against Clinton, led by the headline-dominating Trump.

And despite what the controlled media would lead you to believe, Trump is not an ignorant buffoon or an idiotic clown. He is a business genius, a negotiating genius, a marketing genius, and a political genius. 

Trump is the exact opposite of the fraudulent caricature the media and political establishment has created in order to discredit him.

He knows exactly what he's doing. 

An example of the leftist agitprop designed to discredit Trump (Source)
He knows that Hillary is eventually going to launch a dirty smear campaign against him, as Hillary and Bill are both known for their Machiavellian tactics used to destroy their political opponents. 

Trump knows that by striking Hillary first, he can gain the initial advantage and put Hillary on the defensive. And from that point on, Trump can operate from a position of strength. 

Either way, deep down, Clinton and the Democrats know that even the most vicious smear campaign will not derail the Trump steamroller. 

He has endured so many controversies, firestorms, and outright attacks throughout his campaign, yet his support levels have never declined and he has never fallen from his spot at the top of national Republican polls.

Throughout this deliberate propaganda campaign designed to destroy his campaign, Trump has proven that he is incredibly resilient, which has earned him the reputation as "the Teflon don".

It is highly unlikely that Hillary will be able to successfully destroy Trump, not just because he is the Teflon don, but because Hillary's biggest weapon - the liberal media - has already been neutralized. Nobody believes their lies anymore. As Trump stated in Mesa:
"It's almost amazing to me, because I consider myself to get the worst publicity, and yet I've got this massive lead. And it tells you two things: they're dishonest and the people are really smart. People get it. They know the press is dishonest. It's a whole big con job."
Indeed, the people have caught on to the fact that, for the most part, the mass media is controlled by dishonest leftists who are actually Democrat activists posing as journalists. 

They have also caught on to the fact that many of those within the so-called "conservative" media are, in fact, liberals disguised as conservatives and are only concerned with maintaining the hierarchy and power structure of the Republican Party, which currently favors the party's liberal establishment wing.

We are not fooled. We see what is happening in Europe and we can see the same things developing here in the United States. Americans do not want to make the same mistakes as France, England, Sweden, and Germany. 

We know that the Democrats and the Republican establishment are intent on importing more immigrants from Muslim countries in which ISIS and al-Qaeda hold territory

We also know that they intend to grant amnesty to over eleven million illegal immigrants who entered America without permission.

In short, they want us to follow the same path as the Europeans - a path of wide open borders and mass immigration from Muslim nations, at the expense of taxpaying citizens. No thanks. 

It is ironic that those who execute these radical policies launch vicious attacks against Trump for taking the opposite stance, given the enormous national security challenges associated with Muslim immigration and unsecured borders.

They attempt to convince us that admitting immigrants from countries we are dropping bombs on "keeps America safe", while claiming that Trump's proposals to temporarily ban Muslims from entering our country "helps ISIS" and hurts America. They keep drilling the "Islam is a religion of peace" lie into our brains.

Only fools would believe such nonsense, not to mention the fact that we now know that those who make these absurd claims have been lying to us for years on end.

Their lies and deception have had no effect on The Trump Movement, and it will have no effect on the movement going forward.

I think that Clinton and the Democrat Party leadership should be very worried right about now.